8% ABV.


Rosé Cask Finish is back in time for the holidays. Every barrel used is carefully hand-selected and blended into a single batch to create this delicious offering.


Review: Penelope Bourbon Batch #2 and Barrel Strength (2019) It was only in June that we introduced you to Penelope, a new bourbon brand that takes three.

Simply select one bourbon you like and you'll get a personalized list of recommendations to check out. . Jeptha Creed Red, White & Blue Straight Bourbon.


This whiskey boasts bold aromas of candied raisin, slight salted caramel and rich char that. Ingram River Aged Single Barrel Rye *not qualified for taste-off. The bourbon being tasted is from Batch 02.

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Per the bottle, this non-chill filtered batch consists of three bourbon mash bills aged a minimum of 4 years.


Average Price: $65. Each barrel w as hand selected and blended into a single batch in order to create this.

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5% corn, 14.
Each batch is blended from three bourbon mash bills that are aged in new American oak barrels.



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. Much like previous batches, the bourbon is hotter than you’d expect from a 115 proof. The Whiskey:. . Each batch is blended from three bourbon.


Case in point, the latest batch from the company was a high-rye bourbon (60 percent corn, 36. .

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The Whiskey: Penelope Bourbon is another great example of what a master blender can do with MGP whiskey.