GM's AC-Delco division has a 3-Bar MAP sensor that was used on the 1989 Turbo Trans AM 3.

Feb 13, 2015 · For supercharged or turbocharged engines, a 2-bar MAP (GM# 12569241) supports up to about 14. .

Just get something in the Bar range you need.

How to upgrade from 1-Bar MAP to a 3-Bar TMAP sensor.

7-psi boost, and a 3-bar MAP (GM# 12223861) supports up to about 29. 35156. Easiest is either Apexi MAP sensor (comes with AVCR) or GM 3 Bar Map sensor & pigtail connector.


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Fleece keeps these in stock. 5 volt DC at lowest pressure (vacuum) to just under 4.

50 and Off-Set: -11.

52 psi.

An older topic here on the LB7/LLY 10-bar mod used a Honeywell sensor I believe. .

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It is assumed the sensor reads up to 349.



9KPa for safety. . They cost around.

. Also I read the GM part # is 55206797. So, If you are running big boost (23psi or more) you are maxing out the OEM 2. . We don't want the rest of the table to be used, so in all other boxes on the left, enter 5, and in all.

957 4.

These require a spare. In this episode of Trailer Park Motorsports, I cover the install of a 3 BAR MAP sensor in my FAST 92 intake manifold and configuration of the Holley Terminat.

8L turbocharged V6 engine, and is GM part number 16040749, also available as Holley PN 538-23.

7-psi boost.



--(1) Purchase a 5 or 10 bar 0-5V pressure transducer to fit your build.