14 CFR Part 135 Certification Process. Administration (FAA) Extension, Safety and Security Act of 2016 (“the Act”).


The certificate shows that you have demonstrated proficiency in safety, security and emergency protocols.

May 18, 2023 · U. Get your FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency. ), Section 44734, to include an additional F/A training requirement to the training already required in Section 44734 regarding the service of alcohol.

We are currently processing permanent Airmen Certificates for temporary certificates that were issued approximately March 22, 2023.

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The first step to becoming a Delta Flight Attendant is to complete the application. .

Airmen Certification Branch. .

FOX 5 Atlanta received an exclusive look at Delta Air Line's new Flight Attendant Training Center.
Gain relevant work experience.



Where can I find information about getting a flight attendant license (certificate)? You can find information about flight attendant certification on our website. . .

Here's Delta's page on hiring and it says. You'll have to. . . Try this link with the FAA.

Step 4: Apply to Desired Jobs.

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FAA Certification of Flight Attendant.

FAA Certification of Flight Attendant.

Department of Transportation.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all flight attendant trainees to earn a Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency.