Gender: Can be difficult to determine.

The breeding tank should be shallower and a few degrees warmer.

Perfect to keep your tanks clean. 00.

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Live Freshwater Tropical.

Healthy green terror cichlid, There re more than 200 pairs available. We have 1-2+ inch in size juveniles in stock. Jul 17, 2016 · For Sale: BEAUTIFUL Green Terror FRY! I have a breeding pair of beautiful Green Terrors and they just had their first batch of fry! They just hatched yesterday (7/17.

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male. Breeding: Good water conditions and as long as the pair get along well then the spawning should be quite easy. 99!.

Keep the water temperature around 82°F and provide a spot for them to place the eggs. The female is usually smaller and less colorful than a male of the same age.


Both males and females have a fairly average growth rate.

The Green Terror is an open-breeder and will accept a range of water conditions. 00.

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Aequidens rivulatus suitable tank mates for Midas Cichlids Green terror cichlids are.
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Green Terror cichlids are egg depositors and once they learn to be good parents they will tend their eggs and care for the young fish.

Green Terrors do not require high water temperatures, they are quite happy within a range of 20-24 °C (69-75 °F) but I would try to keep.

If you set up two fish in a proper tank with healthy water conditions and provide a suitable diet? The odds are high they’ll pair off and decide to start breeding. . Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

The female is usually smaller and less colorful than a male of the same age. Green terror cichlid Sale online today. . he is friendly with. for sale, hey i have a breeding pairs green terror. would be happy to swap also for like wise sized americans or africans.

Males are characterized by a dark green body with streaks of turquoise blue on.

Home; Freshwater Fish. Young RARE Kakariki, 8-1/2 month old female with solid light yellow color.

Must see photos.

When a pair forms up, the male and female pair will attempt to drive off all non-paired Green Terrors (or other Cichlids) from their claimed spawning territory.


Green terrors are a very popular species of its genus and is.