Naruto wakes up one morning in the form of a very beautiful girl under the name of Minako.

There's nothing organic about them so genitals would serve nothing but ornamental purpose.

. { Naruto Various X Gender-Neutral!Reader } First Person Point Of View.



1 Go to page. I have four stories that involve gender bending that I am working on, one is a comedy like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the second is a smutfic, the third is a time travel fic with a. .

"Thank you very much" she said, taking back her documents.

ManyMina, slight KibaMina and SasuMina but eventual SasuNaru. . 1 day ago · Lotteria’s lucky bag opened: even if you’re not a Naruto fan you’ll come out ahead! Tokyo indoor anime theme park launches new cosplay rental service; World celebrates ninja manga Naruto’s 18th anniversary with “Naruto Runs” Wonder Woman promoted in Japan with idol song “A Woman Can’t Sleep Alone,” angering some fans.

Neutral-Indifference is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Naruto. Genderfluid Uzumaki Naruto; Nonbinary Uzumaki Naruto; Gender; Mpreg; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Post-Chapter 699 (Naruto) Uchiha Sasuke is Whipped;.

Clearing Mist.

{ Naruto Various X Gender-Neutral!Reader } First Person Point Of View.

You taught him that grey too,can be a. .

Sep 22, 2022 · Secondly, I would like to state that I DO NOT OWN NARUTO, ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS, OR IT'S PLOT. ago.

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Story: If you’re a fan of.
" Naruto teased.

) I did read a crack fic where Naruko was full on yandere for.


(Being a competent medic-nin must be hell. Actual Gender Bender. The past and the present mercilessly collide with Naruto's life as he struggles to find a cure.

. This community excludes Naruko stories due to the how many of them their are, Haku since that one is so common, and no Tailed-Beasts either if that's the only gb present. in a flower field |. . Looking down, Naruto sees that you do, in fact, have dark eyebags beneath your eyes. .

I mean fucking well done.

In this story all women in the naruto world are futa and this going to happen after the pain attack on the leaf. mai; bunny; bunnygirl.

"Well I'm actually glad I ran into you Naruto.

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in a flower field |.

I've always been fascinated by the ancient times of almost all anime that has an ancient past.